Scams in Prague

Travel scams in Prague with false policeman – Money control

Travel scams in Prague with false policeman

Prague is very attractive so a huge number of tourists are in here which attracts not only a lot of benefits but also travel scams and dangerous situations (while physical attacks are quite rare, thefts are a big problem for every person of the city). However, there is a still relatively low level of crime but there are some things to be aware of when travelling in the Czech Republic. One of them is a false policeman.

What to be aware of travel scams?

The vast quantity of tourists travelling in the Czech Republic are without incident different types of thefts are the aspect of travelling the visitors should be most aware of. Bag snatching, camera swiping, pickpocketing and sometimes mugging are unwanted travel experiences. However, there are many ways how to prevent stealing your property (never leave items such as the passport or air tickets, money in hotel rooms but keep them in the hotel safe, never let your wallet in your back pack and never take your camera lying on a pub of restaurant tables).

Travel scams in Prague: A false policeman

In the capital of the Czech Republic there were marked the occurrences when a tourist was addressed by a man who claimed to be a policeman. The alleged policeman demanded the authentication of bank notes. During the authentication he unobtrusively stole money from the puzzled tourists or take your money as fake money.

The useful facts about the Czech police – The police of the Czech Republic never check the wallets or back packs. And last but not least, the policemen always walk in pairs.

How to behave travel scams

When you are addressed by a stranger in a street, you should asked for the arrival of the Czech Police or Metropolitan Police which will be dressed in a uniform. You can call 112 help line too.

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