Scams in Prague

Taxi drivers in Prague – useful tips how to avoid being fooled

Taxi drivers in Prague – useful tips how to avoid being fooled

Unfortunately, taxi drivers in the Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, have really awful reputation. And tourists who are not aware of this problem can be fooled very easily. And this often happens by a private taxi driver.

Struggle for rehabilitation

Local police and also the authorities try to struggle for a long time to rehabilitate not very good reputation of taxi services in the city. And it can be said that the situation is going to be better and better.

Extra cheating

To one of the most common ways of getting fool the tourist is extra charging. When you get a taxi you should ask the driver in advance about the rough price of your ride. Another thing what to watch it the taxi meter which should to at zero when the taxi driver starts the taxi.

Fifteen and fifty

The other trick is murmuring the number. Some taxi drivers not only in Prague but in all over the work use the similar pronunciation of English words fifteen and fifty. And when you are not sure you should persist him to repeat it to avoid the situation that he wants you to pay him much more.

Be aware of currency

Be aware of the currency in which the service ought to be paid. Some taxi drivers are aware of the fact that some tourists are drunk or not so watchful and they speak about Euros and not Czech crowns.

Taxis sty one of the most convenient way of travelling

Even though any other problems occur, this way of transport stays the most convenient to travel in the city. And taxis are in fifteen minutes at your place after ordering by phone or via Internet.

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