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Prague weather about the weather during the whole year

Prague weather about the weather during the whole year

When you go to the capital of the Czech Republic you should know a little about the Prague weather during the whole year. Even though the weather differs in recent years, there are stereotypes which can be taken for granted?  The weather in Prague is for most of the year moderate. But there is evident that in the summer it is usually really hot, mainly during the noon and in the winter, mainly in January one should expect really chilling weather.

Prague weather in general and its comparison

As the Czech Republic belong to the temperate climate zone, the weather in general is characterized by mild, humid summers (with certain spells and clouds) and cloudy and humid winters. There should be said that the weather is similar to one in southern inland Canada. And you should count with for seasons throughout the year. The Prague weather is really nice as the temperatures are about 20 Celsius degree with sunny skies and also the events are pleasant. However, in case you prefer hot, you can go to Prague in the summer months of July and August which belong to the hottest one in Prague and the driest as well. When you are interested in daylight hours, you should know that in late spring and summer is longer ones and shorter in the fall, for example is light at 8 p. m. in September.

Prague weather in winter

Prague is magic in Christmas Holidays as it is covered with snow but no every year. Prague is decorated with Christmas decorations and you can have a nice time in the Christmas markets as well. One could expect snow in Prague in January and February and sometimes in March as well but there should be said that every Prague winter is different. If you prefer peace and quiet atmosphere without the crowd of tourist you should visit the city during January and February.

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