Pickpokets in Prague - street

When in Prague you can enjoy the place, its marvelous sight, surrounding and last but not least the charming atmosphere of the place the ancient part meets the modern one. However, tourists have to be careful about pickpockets in the city.

Be aware of the danger that can be waiting in crowdy places

There are mostly dangerous places where a lot of people get together, for example when people get on the tram or get out of the public transport it is always better to keep your wallet and other valuable things with you. There are also other situations in which you can find yourself and your wallet or property in danger.

Having fun and not be aware of thieves

The other situation in which you can be robbed is when men stroll through the city and have a great time tasting different alcoholic drinks. They often change various bars and night clubs and as they are having fun they are not aware of their money or credit cards. Unfortunately these are the situations which are often sought after by thieves who follow these type of tourists and inhabitants of Prague and they are waiting for the most suitable situation for them to steal the valuable things and money.

Unfortunately there are also women who are thieves

There ought to be said that they are often women who are hugging and kissing men who drank a lot of alcohol and therefore they are not able to control their property. Indeed, these situations are just the ones which some women use to steal a mobile phone or wallet and other things from them. There is no need to be in a worry but it is better to know about this fact.

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