Scams in Prague

Pickpockets in trams and underground in Prague

Pickpockets in trams and underground in Prague

Since early 1990s there are millions of visitors of Prague from all over the world and there are a lot of pickpockets in trams in Prague, thieves in here as well. Pickpocketing is unfortunately the most common crime. People are getting lost their documents, money, or phones.
Useful tips

Get use of your time in Prague but be aware of the fact that prevention is better than solving the robbery. For this reason do not take a lot of money with you. Leave important documents in a safe deposit box at the hotel. Take only your passport and make a copy of it at the hotel. In case you are robbed, there is the important document that will prove your identity. The rest of your documents are not needed to take away so they can stay at the safe of your hotel.


What to do in a tram or underground

Be careful in trams and underground as these are place with a lot of people. And these are place where you can be easily robbed without noticing that.   So wear a money belt not a handbag (even though it is not so convenient). You can check your pass port and your money or credit card easily than at your back. Do not take your wallet in these crowded areas (because it is very easy for a gang of pickpockets to take it from your hand) and do not change your money on the street as these people are usually cheaters.


You do not have to be scared

But do not be scare as Prague is taken as the city that is relatively safe and there are quite little violent crimes so you can go out even after dark in here.

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