Scams in Prague

How to enjoy and love Prague? Ignore fake Segway tours

False Segway tours providers with fake Segways

When you visit the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague you should be aware of the fact that there are some dangerous situations. One of them is the fact that you can come into false Segway tours providers. These providers do not have the licence so they often use the false imitation of the licence or Ninebots or chinese copie of Segway – Windrunner that are not the original Segway and are dangerous. Main problem is with offers from nonauthorised providers for Segway tour – tour is not with Segway!


Usually they are the Russian companies

In addition these are usually the Russian companies with the Russian guards who not always tell the true about the history of Prague. The Segway tour is not so interesting, thorough and the guides do not have the useful skills, qualification, and the knowledge about the history and the present day of the city that lies in the heart of the Czech Republic – Prague. Special thrue informations about Russian invasion to Czechoslovakia in 1968 or other facts.


Pictures of fake Segways


You will not get to know Prague better with fake Prague Segway tours

They usually tell you only little about the sight – just a name of sight or the building and nothing more. So you will not get to know Prague better and you will have bad feeling about Segway tours and its providers which is a pity because the original Segway tour is about something else – about the atmosphere of Prague, about its origin, about the present days and ought to make you understand the city and its culture, tradition and soul.

The visitors can even be punished

Last but not least, who uses the services of false Segway tours providers he travels in contradiction to the valid regulation and when something bad happens he is punished, not the company that provides the Segway tours. For these reasons it is always advisable to read recommendations and reviews of former clients of the Segway tour providers to avoid these situations.


How to enjoy Prague Segway tours?

It s easy. Use authorised providers for Prague Segway tours with local guides and original Segways – i2 is best choice for city. Authorised providers care about you and other people on street. They use helmets everytime and give you informations about history and modern Prague.


Book now your private Prague Segway tours with s.r.o. – Authorised provider from 2011 with proffesional and local guides only. Get best service with best price, free Beer or Water and FREE photoservice on your private tour. How to get better price? Book online with 15% discount in Segway tours Booking form.



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