Scams in Prague

Ham scam in Street markets Prague

Ham scam in Street markets Prague

When you are in the capital of the Czech Republic there are a lot of interesting sigts, events and location to visit. Be it cultural ones, such as the concerts, exhibitions, parades, historical occassions, or sports ones. And after exploring the city really thoroughly there is no wonder that you need to have a rest.

Again the city offers a great variety of different places to refresh yourself. When you prefer familiar and cheap site, there are great number of pubs and restaurants. If you are interested in a nice and quiet place, there are bars and coffees for you. But when the tourists are in the city of Prague they often prefer visiting places which have the local food and cuisine to understand the taste and preferences of Czech people and to be close to them.
However, there are some situations to be aware of.

Markets which offer local products and Czech cuisine

As tourists are keen on getting to know the local food and cuisine they ofen go to the markets which have a huge variety of local food to taste. On their menu there are such specialities as grilled smoked pork ham which is really tasteful and as it is typical for Czech cuisine you should taste this meat. However, there is useful to know the fact that thanks to the valid regulation there should be written the price for the weight or the amount of the ham. Do not hesitate and check this fact. And in the Czech Republic there is common to write the price for 100 grams.

What could become

There could become a common problem which is the fact that the seller could give you a vast amount of the ham in case you will not tell him the exact weight of it. He could give you for example 500 grams of the ham which will cost you up to 500 Czech crowns. And there is no need to say that this amount is huge to eat it. So it is always better to tell him how much you would like to have, for example I would like to have 150 grams of the ham. And the portion of the food is usually stated from 80 to 110 Czech crowns for 100 grams of the ham. As people are trying to earn as much as they can it is advisable to fight for your rights.

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