cheap flights to Prague

How to get comfortable and cheap flights to Prague? Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and it stays the significant cultural city for about one thousand years. The city had glorious history and it even used to be the capital of Holy Roman Empire in medieval times. Today Prague belongs to one of the most visited place in the whole European region for the splendid sightseeing, for its cultural life and friendly atmosphere.

Cheap flights to Prague

Flights to the capital of the Czech Republic could not be easier. Passengers can get there from most of European cities and some at bargain prices if you compare deals.  Prague flights can be really cheap and the best deals are when you book them early. From the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland you can get to Prague in about two hours only.

The name of the airport for cheap flights to Prague

The former name of the airport was Prague Ruzyne International Airport or PRG but in present times it is called Václav Havel Airport (according to the former Czech president who became the first president after the Velvet Revolution in 1989).

Transfer from the Prague airport

Getting from the airport is very easy as the tourism is one of the most important sources of income in the city expect for the rates on taxi transportation. In cheap flights to Praguegeneral it can be said that transfer from the Václav Havel Airport is without trouble and at the good value. There is no train connection or subway connection from this place, however there are other options how to get from here – taxis which cost about twelve pounds or cheaper buses which run frequently in the city centre and it will take you about fifty minutes to get there.


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