Scams in Prague

Be aware of the frauds in the Exchange offices

Be aware of the frauds in the Exchange offices

There are not only people on the streets who cause frauds to the people who want to Exchange their money and they do not want to use money Exchange office for some reason. There are also some Exchange offices that cause some kind of fraudulent deed to its customers? Which kind of fraud can it be?


Do not let the exchange office change your money at unprofitable exchange rate!

Not all but several exchange offices do not charge their customers for fees but if you change some lower sum of money you will be charged according to the unreasonably low exchange rate, for example twenty-three Czech crowns (instead of advertised 26,50 Czech crowns) which makes the whole transaction not profitable but in fact losing. This behaviour is at the edge of the fraudulent techniques that you can come into the streets. These deeds are made usually by foreigners who try to exchange your currency for other than Czech crowns which makes you to be in position not able to use it in the Czech Republic and can get into the situation being without the currency that is usually used in the Czech Republic.



What currency is used in the Czech Republic?

Which ones – there are mostly the Czech crown, sometimes Euro or even US dollar. You are allowed to pay by check, credit card but not in every shop, by each service or in every restaurant.


Be aware of these facts

For these reasons it is always advisable to check the currency that ought to be exchanged, the exchange rate of your transaction in advance of the exchanging the money and last but not least the terms and conditions of the exchange offices.

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