Scams in Prague

Be aware of false dealers of drugs in Prague

Be aware of false dealers of drugs in Prague

It is obvious that you will enjoy the capital of the Czech Republic without drugs even better as you will think straight and you will keep your memories unbroken. You can even have problem with  drugs in Prague and the local Police which could be unpleasant experience for you.


Be aware of false dealers of drugs in Prague – Be aware of false dealers of drugs, for example marijuana, ecstasy and other drugs that are being sold at the Wenceslas Square and at different night clubs. The drug dealers often sell drugs that are only the imitation of real drugs and they can sell you for example flour or even the stuff that can damage your health. So do not gamble with your health and get use of experience of Prague without any drugs.


You can even have problems with the Police in Prague – Last but not least you could have problems with the Police which would make your stay in such a gorgeous city with many historic monuments difficult and maybe painful. It is advisable not to make illegal action in each of the countries you will visit. And it is the same with the Czech Republic.


It is better to explore the Prague and you can think straight – It would be better if you do not seek the drug dealers and have a great time in Prague somewhere in the city centre exploring its marvellous monuments, statues, bridges, and its architectural style and when you are tired in the evening you can visit one of Prague’s great pubs or restaurants and taste typical Czech cuisine and world famous beer as well. And after than you can enjoy a night in one of famous night clubs and get used of the atmosphere of these locations when you will think straight.

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