Scams in Prague

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Fraudulent behaviour – taxi in Prague

In Prague you can come into taxi drivers who are stain on reputation of taxi in Prague drivers. Taxi services Prague in the city are selected into: major taxicab companies that operate call-for taxi services, regulated taxi in Prague stands and independent drivers who pick up you on the street – these are the drivers who cheat a lot. They usually deal with overcharging so it is also mentioned in Lonely Planet guide books or on BBC or CNN.


Usual problems with taxi in Prague

Fraudulent behaviour deals with overcharging the tour (when you get a cab you ought to ask the driver for the approximate price of the ride and watch if the driver sets the taxi meter to zero when he starts his car), or usually turbometres that have a decimal point that skips from tens to hundreds – for example from forty crowns to four hundred crowns etc. Be carefull with Travel Scams in Prague!


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The tourists should be aware of this problem with taxi in Prague

There is needed the tourist to be careful and they should ask a receipt to know the amount of money to be charged before using the taxi.

How to avoid fraudulent behaviour of Prague’s taxi drivers

When you choose a service that is offered by a private taxi driver you can be fooled. Even though our police or local authorities struggle against this behaviour the bad reputation of taxi service in the capital of the Czech Republic still stands. However, taxis stands for the most comfortable way of transport in the city and when you order your journey in advance and you stay alert you do not have to worry about cheating.

Bear in mind

For the reasons mentions above it is clever to order your tour via authorised companies and also guard taximeters.


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